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The Top 8 Reasons Why Everyone Should Stop Consuming Dairy

There are countless reasons why everyone should really stop consuming dairy foods. Don’t worry—I’m not telling you to cut back on ice cream and pizza. I’m just here to give you the top 8 reasons why you should switch over to the (even more delicious) dairy-free versions of these foods.

1. Cows used for their milk are slaughtered.

I’m not only talking about the older cows, whose necks are cut when they’re “spent.” Male calves are taken from their moms on the same day that they’re born and sold for veal.


If you’re not familiar with veal, it’s the meat that comes from baby cows who are forced to spend their short lives in tiny crates. The absurdly small enclosures are designed to ensure that the calves can’t exercise and grow muscles so that their flesh can be used for tender “gourmet” meat.

2. Calves suffer when they’re torn away from their moms.

It’s not only the male calves who are taken from their moms shortly after birth. Even female babies are torn away from their moms within their first day of life so that humans can consume the milk intended for them instead. If humans weren’t involved, these babies would nurse from their mothers for a full year—that’s longer than many humans breastfeed.



And that’s not all. One veterinary studied showed that, if given the chance, “cow and calf will maintain a lifelong relationship of social contact and companionship.” Can you imagine being separated from your mom as a baby and forced into a miserably abusive life? Mother cows are often heard calling for their calves for days after they’ve been taken away.

3. There’s horrifying abuse involved in the dairy process.

Cows endure extreme abuse on many dairy farms. They’re artificially inseminated shortly after their first birthday—which means that a human shoves his or her hand into the cow’s rectum to orient her uterus and then forces an instrument filled with semen into her vagina. This happens every 10 months for the rest of her life. Gag.

Jo-Anne McArthur | We Animals 

Eyewitness footage has caught workers kicking cows and jabbing them with pocketknives as well as beating them with crowbars and stabbing them with pitchforks.

4. Cows on dairy farms suffer from extreme neglect.

Some cows spend their entire lives standing on concrete floors. Others are confined to extremely crowded lots, where they’re forced to live in their own poop. One dairy farm was shut down when it was discovered that the cows were forced to stand, sleep, and EAT in their own knee-deep waste.

cow standing in feces on dairy farm

Cows have a natural lifespan of about 20 years and can produce milk for eight or nine years. But the stress caused by conditions on factory farms leads to disease and other issues that cause cows to be considered worthless to the dairy industry by the time they’re 4 or 5 years old, at which point they’re slaughtered.

5. Dairy production is helping to ruin the environment.

It’s true—dairy farms are polluting our water, air, and land. In California, America’s top milk-producing state, manure from dairy farms has poisoned hundreds of miles of groundwater, rivers, and streams. That’s because each cow (of the 1 million cows on the state’s dairy farms) produces 18 gallons of poop every day. There’s just nowhere else for it to go.



Plus, the dairy industry is the primary cause of smog-forming pollutants in California. A single cow emits more of these harmful gasses than a car does. You’re probably starting to wonder, “Hmm … what use are car smog tests in California when people can still eat massive amounts of dairy foods without any restrictions?” GOOD QUESTION.

crowded dairy farm cows in feed lot

Finally, two-thirds of all agricultural land in the U.S. is used to raise animals for food or to grow grain to feed them. And each cow raised by the dairy industry consumes as much as 40 gallons of water per day—and we wonder why California can’t kick this drought. Basically, you can’t honestly call yourself an environmentalist if you consume dairy foods.

6. It’s meant for calves, not humans.

Seriously. Apart from humans, no species drinks milk beyond infancy or drinks the milk of another species. The purpose of cow’s milk is to meet the nutritional needs of baby cows. Mind = blown. These baby cows have four stomachs and need to gain hundreds of pounds in a matter of months—I’ve never met a human who had this same goal.

cow nursing


Most humans begin to produce less lactase (the enzyme that helps with milk digestion) when they’re as young as 2 years old. That’s because, errrm, we’re not supposed to need milk after that.

7. Dairy foods are unhealthy for humans.

Human bodies fight cow’s milk. According to the American Gastroenterological Association, cow’s milk is the number one food allergy among infants and children. Not to mention—millions of Americans are lactose intolerant.

A U.K. study showed that people who suffered from irregular heartbeats, asthma, headaches, fatigue, and digestive problems “showed marked and often complete improvements in their health after cutting milk from their diets.”

Dairy milk is also super-high in cholesterol. A single serving can contain as much as 24 mg of cholesterol, whereas dairy-free milks have none. Also, multiple studies have shown that the consumption of cow’s milk was linked to an increase in acne. Yikes.

8. We can get more than enough protein and calcium from vegan foods.

Nuts, seeds, yeast, grains, and beans and other legumes are extremely high in protein. And eating too much animal protein has been linked to the development of endometrial, pancreatic, and prostate cancer. In terms of calcium, black-eyed peas, soy milk, sesame seeds, kale, seaweed, white beans, and tons of other plant-based foods are full of it.

Whether you’re stunned by these statistics or just sick of having all these facts regurgitated at you, stop consuming dairy foods. Countless suffering cows, the environment, and your own body will all be better for it.

By Peta2

Vegan HealthVegan Diet Before and After. From Junk Food Junkies to Vegan Marathon Runners

By veryveganrecipes

This is one of the most amazing vegan weight loss success stories I have ever seen. It’s about more than losing weight and a vegan diet. It’s about what’s possible in a relationship, the power of food and the power of change!

When I first read about Robert and Jessica Foster my mind was blown! They were a couple from Boulder Colorado and they were very overweight and unhealthy. But they didn’t just continue to live that way. They did something about it! Their last hope was a vegan diet.

What was their motivation? Their kids. I wish more parents could see that their children will grow up eating and living the same as their parents. If you want your children to be active and healthy you have to do it by example. This was something this amazing couple realized. Robert told CNN, “‘It got to the point where we realized it didn’t matter what we fed them, If we weren’t eating the same way or if we were overeating, they were going to follow our example.’

The chose to lose weight by starting a vegan diet. It’s been proven time and time again that going vegan is the best path to weight loss. You won’t believe how much it changed the Fosters lives. The lost an amazing combined 280 pounds! See their amazing before and after pictures and exactly what they did on the next page below.

Robert and Jessice completely transformed their lives by choosing a vegan diet. They gave up things like cheeseburgers and traded them for healthy vegan food.

How did Robert and Jessica get to the point they decided to go vegan and change their lives?Jessica said,

“There was that point I hated myself so much. I wasn’t giving them the full me because I was disgusted,’ she said of her family. You have to look in the mirror and say, “Am I going to allow this to continue or am I going to stand up and make those changes?” A light turned on upstairs.”

They went vegan, they began cooking all of their meals at home, and they starting moving and being active. Before long they had run their first 5k marathon. And since then they have gone even further. Just check out their pics now!

vegan weight loss success

Photo Courtesy of Daily Mail

This Himalayan Tribe Has Been Vegan for 5,000 Years

One of the lamest excuses I hear about not being vegan is that our ancestors ate meat, and so should we. Well, here is something truly exciting! A tribe that has stuck to their cruelty-free ways for five thousand years! Anyone from India knows that being vegetarian is not a new concept. But it seems eating vegan has also been around in India for thousands of years. The Brokpa tribe of Ladakh, for example, has thrived eating vegan for more than 5,000 years –

New Papa Said It: Killing Easter lamb has no basis in the Christian tradition

Among the oldest Christian communities , the lamb was on the pastor’s shoulders (no plate )symbolized the soul saved by Christ .
Lamb on the shoulders of the shepherd is a sign of compassion and caring for the new life that Christ has provided.

When Jesus came , he tried to inspire people to a higher notion of sacrifice. Instead of sacrificing some poor animals who did no harm to anyone , he taught people to sacrifice their own inner animal and desires as inner animal slaughter such release energies that are more valuable and can be used in spiritual work . Those who understand this are on the way to climb; those who do not understand him are still stuck in the stalls or cages – symbolically speaking – along with their animals they sacrifice and do nothing to contribute to a greater deepening of their soul in the dark.

I propose this year to accept the sacrifice interior new life based on compassion and responsibility for the lives of animals and the others and become the best! How we want to have peace in the world and in our hearts if we have the plate “war”.

Killing Easter lamb has no basis in the Christian tradition, but rather has its roots in the Old Testament.

“It’s a bloody ritual in strong contradiction with the concept of the Resurrection, which brings renewal of faith and hope.

It is a ritual that is not necessary in a society like ours, already steeped in violence and death that serves only to satisfy the interests of the food industry. ”

(Pope Francisco)



Large Dairy Company Ditches Dairy after 90 years and Starts Producing Plant-Based Milks Instead

Elmhurst Dairy in Queens has ceased it’s dairy operation after 90 years citing decreased customer demand. CEO Henry Schwartz said the company has been operating at a high cost in recent years and revealed that “Pasteurized fluid milk has sort of gone out of style.”, “we are unable to continue to go on without ongoing losses.” “There isn’t much room for our kind of business. I tried to keep this open because it was my father’s plant and he asked me to do so.” The shutdown reflects ongoing trends in the dairy milk business: increasing consumer awareness of the treatment of cows in the milk industry as well as consumer concern about saturated fat, cholesterol and hormones is leading to declining sales.

The 5 Girl Scout Cookies You Difinitely Didn’t Know Were Vegan

This article originally appeared on Spoon U and was written by Brooklynne Palmer. It has been given minor edits before re-posting.

A little over two years ago, vegans everywhere got the amazing news: Girl Scouts were going to start offering vegan cookies. Since then, whether you knew it or not, some of your favorite cookies have actually become dairy-free. With a new vegan Girl Scout cookie on the market this season, I just couldn’t keep this to myself.

Bad news: Keep in mind that not all Girl Scout cookies come from the same company and some that you may find on this list aren’t vegan depending where you get them from. Double check the box before chowing down. Sadly, the cookies sold near me aren’t from ABC Bakers, the company with the vegan ones…it was a sad day for my stomach. But it was a happy day for my wallet, I suppose.

Girl Scout S’mores

This year we welcome S’mores into the vegan Girl Scout cookie family. They are gelatin and dairy-free for everyone to enjoy. You don’t need a campfire to indulge in this classic combination.


“Thanks-A-Lot.” Sincerely, vegans everywhere

(I may be biased, but these are my favorite ones).


The perfect crunchy cookie with a layer of tangy lemon icing. I don’t know about Beyonce, but I would sure write a song about these cookies.

Peanut Butter Patties

Believe it or not, this chocolate-covered beauty is now available for anyone ditching dairy.

Thin Mints

Just When You Thought It Couldn’t Get Any Better

This just in! Their Thin Mint cereal is also vegan. Breakfast, dessert, and everything in between; the Girl Scouts is where it’s at.

So there you have it. For those 10 minutes you were chowing down on that box of Thin Mints, you were actually enjoying a delicious vegan treat. If Samoas are more your thing, don’t be too bummed out, check out this vegan Samoa recipe. Hopefully this will help make your vegan Valentine’s Day a bit sweeter.



Lentil and Mushroom Shepherd’s Pie [Vegan]

There are no words to describe this, other than as a deep dish of absolute comfort. It’s a bit of a project, but not difficult, and definitely worth it for a special occasion meal.

13 Essential Ingredients Every Vegan Needs In Their Kitchen Cupboard

Keep your kitchen cupboard stocked with these must-have vegan ingredients!

1. Nut Butter

These tasty spreads, such as almond butter and peanut butter, are an excellent source of protein, fibre, minerals, and healthy fats.

Use in baking, add to your smoothies, spread on toast, mix into sauces, use as a dip or even eat straight out of the jar.

2. Cashews

These creamy nuts are often used as the main ingredient for cheese-based recipes, such as mac ‘n’ cheese, cheesecakes and creamy sauces.

Cashews are packed with vitamins, proteins and an abundance of minerals, including calcium, iron and zinc.

3. Nutritional Yeast

Nutritional yeast is a deactivated yeast that comes in the form of yellow flakes. Famous for its cheesy flavour, nutritional yeast is the perfect ingredient for vegan cheese recipes, such as mac ‘n’ cheese.

Look for brands that are fortified with vitamin B12 for a boost of this important vitamin!

4. Medjool Dates

Naturally sweet and delicious, you can blend medjool dates with a milk alternative to make vegan ‘caramel’

Low on the glycemic index and high in many vitamins, minerals, and fibre, using medjool dates is a healthy way to add sweetness to any recipe, such as energy balls (see above).

5. Spirulina Powder

An algae, spirulina is a great pick-me-up when added to drinks and smoothies. A 7g serving gives a whopping 4gs of protein and also contains other nutrients such as amino acids, B vitamins and iron.

We love how the bluey-green colour reminds us of the ocean!

6. Chickpeas

These nutrient-dense beans are high in protein and minerals, and they’re great in curries, stews, casseroles and salads. They’re also the ideal ingredient for making vegan sausages and burgers.

If you’re looking for a gluten-free, protein-rich alternative to flour, grind dry chickpeas to make chickpea flour.

7. Black Beans

Rich in protein and fibre, black beans are great for replicating meaty textures in burgers, meatballs, burritos and stews.

For a healthy spin on classic desserts, black beans can also be used in baking recipes such as brownies, cakes, and cookies.

8. Chia Seeds

To make the signature ‘chia pudding’, add one part chia seeds to four parts vegan milk, and refrigerate overnight.

Chia seeds can also be added to many recipes, most notably smoothies, cereal bars, cookies, cakes, pancakes, muffins, and jams. They can also be added to savoury meals such as pizza bases and stews.

High in omega 3, protein, fibre, and minerals, these little seeds promote health both inside and outside the body by looking after bones, digestion, and skin.

9. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Surprising for some, apple cider vinegar is an important ingredient in vegan baking. When used with baking soda the reaction acts as an egg substitute.

But the pairing of apple cider vinegar and baking soda doesn’t end there! You can also combine them to unblock unruly drains.

10. Chocolate

Despite the myth, vegans can also indulge in a cheeky chocolate treat!

Dark chocolate with a high cocoa content (70% or above) is usually vegan or vegan milk / white chocolate alternatives can be found at health food stores. You can also make your own by mixing melted coconut oil with cocoa powder and a sweetener.

11. Canned Coconut Milk

Canned coconut milk has to be one of our favourite cupboard essentials.

Pour the contents of the tin directly into soups and curries, or refrigerate the can overnight so the cream and milk separate. You can then use the cream for desserts, such as the cupcakes above, and the milk however you like!

12. Oats

This popular breakfast ingredient can be cooked and served warm, or soaked overnight and eaten cold.

Rich in minerals and proteins, oats are also great in breads, cakes, granola bars, and pancakes.

13. Buckwheat

From porridges to cakes and salads to burgers, buckwheat is an incredibly versatile ingredient for both sweet and savoury recipes. It’s high in protein, fibre and magnesium, and comes in the form of both flour and groats.


21 Secrets People Who Date Vegans Won’t Tell You

Look, we like you, but enough with the fucking kale already.

1. When you first find out that your hot date is vegan, it can come as a bit of a shock.

HBO Films / Giphy

Mainly because you thought all vegans wear tie-dyed clothes and live in illegal treetop protest camps, but your date looks normal. Attractive, even.

2. Early in the relationship you find yourself trying things you wouldn’t normally touch with a bargepole.


And lying about your reaction to it because you fancy them. “YUM YES TOFU FOR BREAKFAST IS DEFINITELY AS GOOD AS BACON THANKS u r so cute.”

3. You’ve faced serious dinner disappointment at least once as well, and tried to be polite.

You've faced serious dinner disappointment at least once as well, and tried to be polite.

Shoot_nik / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

Kale is the work of the devil.

4. But as soon as the honeymoon period wears off, you start saying exactly what you think.

NBC / Giphy

“Shall we have quinoa and chickpea surprise for dinner?” “Urrrgh no why.”

5. It takes way longer to get used to their appalling farts than it takes to get used to their taste in food.

It takes way longer to get used to their appalling farts than it takes to get used to their taste in food.

Vystek-photographie / Getty Images / Creative Commons

Why do innocent pulses, soybeans, and vegetables turn into such a toxic broth?

6. You’re forced to invent truly weird post-sex snacks based on what you can find in their cupboards at 2am.

Universal / Giphy

“I want crisps, Greg. CRISPS. Not a peanut butter and agave syrup wrap.”

7. In fact, you often find their idea of what constitutes a tasty treat totally baffling.

In fact, you often find their idea of what constitutes a tasty treat totally baffling.

Hilary Mitchell / Snapsr

And wondered if vegans have actually evolved different taste buds to other types of people. “Are you seriously just eating a big bowl of peas and sweetcorn? For fun?”

8. But eventually vegan food does start to grow on you, and you bore everyone you know with recipes.

But eventually vegan food does start to grow on you, and you bore everyone you know with recipes.

Ivanko_brnjakovic / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

Tbh this is mainly to try to make your sex partner seem a bit more normal to your friends. So you don’t tell them about nutritional yeast.

9. But despite that, meat-eating friends almost never invite you round for dinner as a couple.

But despite that, meat-eating friends almost never invite you round for dinner as a couple.

Bananastock / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

You’ve given them ideas, but they just don’t seem to know what to cook for your other half. So you end up having people over way more.

10. You feel sorry for your S.O. at parties and barbecues.


“Oh, we forgot you were bringing Brian. I hope he likes vegetable skewers that are mostly hunks of raw red onion, and houmous that’s been sitting in the sun!”

11. It’s great when you first find a vegan product that you really, genuinely like.

It's great when you first find a vegan product that you really, genuinely like.

Plamil Foods

And you get in trouble for stealing it, because it costs £5.99 and you can only get it from this one weird shop on the other side of town run by a man called Gandalf.

12. You also discover that loads of foods you already like are actually vegan. Who knew?


So you stock up on Oreos, Jammie Dodgers, chocolate bourbon biscuits, Skittles, and dark chocolate as treats for bae. Then accidentally eat them all yourself.

13. Despite admiring your boo’s principles, there are some foods you can’t, and won’t, get on board with.

NBC / Giphy

Vegans, FYI, you simply can’t make bacon out of wheat, or cheese out of potatoes. Please stop trying.

14. You end up learning shit that you really don’t want to know, like the fact “free-range” isn’t really free.

You end up learning shit that you really don't want to know, like the fact "free-range" isn't really free. / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed

Turns out it just means the chickens are crammed into a big metal barn. So you end up skint because you start buying those eggs that cost £9.99 from hens that live in Highgrove House and get hugged by Prince Charles once a day.

15. You feel a twinge of guilt whenever you eat something that they can’t have in front of them.

NBC / Giphy

Even if they say they don’t mind. It’s like you’re basically rubbing your gooey, meaty, creamy delights right in their face. And not in a good way.

16. Unless you’re a bit drunk, then you just wave bits of cheese at them: “LOL YOU CAN’T HAVE THIS!”


Full disclosure: This is not great for your relationship.

17. You’ve ~probably~ made the occasional attempt at becoming vegan if you’re in a long-term relationship.


Mainly because you know all the recipes, products, and facts. But you fail after about a day, because of cheese. Sweet, delicious cheese.

18. You can’t escape the inevitable arguments about which restaurant to go to.

You can't escape the inevitable arguments about which restaurant to go to.

Ridofranz / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

“OMG they just opened a new vegan raw food organic juice caf…” “No, Greg.”

19. You can’t quite resist taking the piss out of them for not eating honey either.


Because bees are just fucking bees and it’s not like you’re eating the bees, just borrowing their stuff FFS.

20. But you get offended on their behalf if anyone else is cheeky to them. After all, that’s your job.

ABC / Giphy


21. At the end of the day, you admire their beliefs and conviction and wouldn’t change them for the world.

At the end of the day, you admire their beliefs and conviction and wouldn't change them for the world.


Apart from their addiction to shit like kale. Stop eating kale. Stop making us eat kale. Just no.

This Vegan Saudi Prince is Rejecting Dirty Fossil Fuels and Using His Millions to Promote Solar Energy

Despite his ordinary appearance, Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed is anything but ordinary. He is the son of the famously wealthy Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud who has been affectionately called the Bill Gates of Saudi Arabia. He lived a lavish life until something changed him forever. He was on an exotic hunting trip and was so disgusted by the “cowardly” practice, he went vegan. His move to a plant-based diet also prompted him to question other aspects of his lavish life and became fixated his country’s role in climate change.

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