Go Vegan World will be the first vegan campaign to feature at an international sporting event

Flaxseed eggs, sources of protein and cruelty-free makeup – veganism even made its way onto Newsnight last week. But what people tend to forget is, that behind all of this talk the movement is about animal rights. Go Vegan World, the world’s largest public awareness campaign around animal rights issues is already successfully bringing veganism to the mainstream. You may have seen Go Vegan World’s thought-provoking billboards and posters plastered across UK cities and along the M6.


(Picture: Go Vegan World)

With slogans like ‘defenceless and innocent yet we eat her’ the ads were designed to shock.

The campaign has received criticism for being disturbing, but I think if people can’t face a simple statement they are unlikely to be able to face what actually happens in farms and factories.

Go Vegan went global in 2016 following a successful Ireland-wide campaign in 2015 led by Founder and Director of Eden Farm Sanctuary Ireland, Sandra Higgins.

The campaign aims to create an understanding of animal rights and the truths within all animal agriculture.


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