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Sacrifice and Islam – weighing in from a vegan perspective

Upon learning of my veganism, skeptics (particularly those who are more religiously inclined) have been known to ask about my stance on the idea and consequent practice of sacrifice in Islam. I’ve touched on this subject in particular before, but  recently an event took place that made me question it on a much deeper level.


12 Historical Figures Of Influence Who Promoted Veganism Yet You Never Heard Of

People tend to look at veganism as a newly emerged ‘trend’ which has come together with social media and iphones.
They could not be more wrong.
Veganism is simply part of a movement of awakening, which seeds have been planted centuries ago by figures who have contributed in one way or another to the evolution of the human race. These historical figures have shed their light on people’s minds through their ideas, discoveries, and masterpieces. These are people, whose word should be loud enough for each of us to hear and take note of.

Veganism in the UK has grown over 261% in last decade which will result in 67.5 million FEWER animals being killed every year

There are now over three and half times as many vegans as there were in 2006, a study commissioned by the Vegan Society in partnership with Vegan Life magazine has found. Over half a million people have switched to veganism in Britain, which is at least 1.05% of the 15 years old and older population.

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