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Starbucks adds more vegan options to their menu

With more and more people in the UK turning vegan, Starbucks has made sure their veggie customers don’t have to miss out on their favourite food and drinks this summer, by including a selection of brand-new vegan-friendly options…



Starbucks Announces It Will Finally Carry Almond Milk

In response to nearly 100,000 votes, Starbucks will add the nut milk to stores starting September 6.
International coffee giant Starbucks has announced it will begin selling almond milk in its US stores. In an internal release sent to stores last week, the company revealed plans to roll out the non-dairy milk, one of its “most-requested ideas of all time,” to 4,600 US stores, with the Pacific Northwest, Northern California, New York, Northeast, and Mid-Atlantic regions getting the first shipments ahead of a nationwide expansion by the end of September.

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