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The Soy Truth Every Vegan Wants To Know! 6 Myths Debunked

The little bean has stirred many a heated debate since it began being cultivated widely as a food crop in the United States in the 1940s. Medical studies in the early 1960s determined that soy was an excellent source of protein and could make a good meat replacement for vegetarians and omnivores alike. By the 1990s, research showed soy might be the answer to all our health problems—a potential cure for obesity, heart disease, and cancer, among other things.

Man Grows Breasts After Drinking Too Much Soy Milk

Sydney Wellington, a 54-year-old British man is suing a local soy milk company after he noticed dramatic changes in his body from consuming the product for the past months. The man that was recently diagnosed lactose intolerant claims he switched to soy milk because his doctor told him soy milk would be a good alternative.

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