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Toronto getting a 100% plant-based restaurant

Vegans and vegetarians in Toronto have lots of restaurants to choose from, especially if they feel like junk food. But few of these dining options are upscale. That’ll change when the Chase Hospitality Group opens Planta, a new 100 per cent plant-based eatery slated to open up in Yorkville this September.


It looks like a burger, tastes like a burger – but it’s a plant

Raj Aggarwal took a bite of the burger and paused, looked straight ahead as he chewed, and shrugged his shoulders.
“It tastes like a burger, very tasty,” said Aggarwal, the founder of a startup called Localytics.
“Not quite bloody though.”
 Bloody would be hard, since that burger was made of plants, the first product from a fake meat startup called Impossible Foods. But bloody is what they’re going for.

New Research Says Plant-based Diet Best for Planet and People

As cities grow and incomes rise around the world, more and more people are leaving gardens and traditional diets behind and eating refined sugars, refined fats, oils and resource- and land-intense agricultural products like beef. This global dietary transition is harming the health of both people and the planet, says new research.

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