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Leo DiCaprio is at it Again! Donates $650,000 to Save the Planet

Okay, okay, we must admit that we are huge fans of Leonardo DiCaprio – and not ONLY because we still call out “Jack” sometimes thanks to his captivating performance in Titanic, but because he is also an avid environmentalist. Over the past few years, Leo has donated funds to protect endangered elephants and whales. He helped secure the conservation of  forests threatened by palm oil expansion and helped spread the message behind Cowspiracy by getting it on Netflix. On top of all that, he’s made speeches in front of the UN declaring our collective need to keep fossil fuels in the ground and get serious about the looming threat of climate change.

5 Ways Being Vegan Saves The Planet

Hey vegans: Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back for improving the world. Seriously, you’re saving lives with every forkful of food you eat. In addition to sparing animals from slaughter and cutting back on your chances of contracting a life-threatening illness (such as cancer, diabetes, or heart disease), your plant-based diet is shielding the whole planet from unnatural disaster. In honor of Earth Month, here are five reasons your veg choices are more sustainable than you may realize.

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