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Kat Von D Debuts First Product from Vegan Makeup Line

Famed tattoo artist, makeup mogul, and vegan activist Kat Von D revealed the first product of her reformulated vegan makeup line Kat Von D Beauty. The vegan version of the popular Shade + Light Contour Palette no longer contains carmine—an insect derivative—after Von D promised to remove animal products from all items in her line. “As many of my vegan followers already know,” Von D said, “I’ve been working hard this past year in reformulating the few products in my makeup line to be 100 percent vegan.”

The Top 12 Must-Have Vegan Makeup Products Anyone Can Get

Makeup and beauty products are possibly one of the last things we get rid of after going vegan, and the initial thought of replacing everything with cruelty-free options may seem a bit overwhelming. Don’t you feel guilty about it! It does take a bit of an effort, and it is absolutely fine if you are not too sure where to start from. However, taking small daily steps will get you there, and you’ll finally find yourself in a household packed with beautiful items that are 100% cruelty-free.

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