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Hollywood stars call for meat consumption drop

China has enlisted Arnold Schwarzenegger and film-maker James Cameron to call for lower meat consumption, with the government poised to tackle its environmental crisis.  The world’s largest economy is also the world’s largest source of carbon emissions, according to the Council on Foreign Relations. Meat production contributes to nearly 15% of global greenhouse gas emissions, but China could slash its own emission output by 6% if the country’s billion-plus citizens radically reduce meat consumption.

10 Hollywood Actors Who Are Hardcore Vegans

I remember watching a popular television talk show where the host had a slew of top-level Hollywood stars on as guests. These were real A-lister types, extremely well-known superstars. Anyway, the host of the show brought on pizza for them to eat, as kind of a funny gag. What happened next amazed me. The actors were suddenly extremely reluctant to eat the pizza, but they didn’t want to seem “too good” for pizza on live TV, so they were caught in a kind of dilemma. One extremely well-known actor decided to manually scrape off the cheese before eating his slice. Others simply refused to eat it altogether. After seeing this I started to wonder, are these real people, or are they robots? Do they even require sustenance?

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