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8 Reasons Why Choosing A Vegan Diet May NOT Be For You

Listen, going vegan isn’t for everyone. And we’re concerned with all of you out there.  So, for those of you currently considering making the switch, we wanted to include 8 points to consider beforehand.  If you catch yourself nodding yes to even 1 of these 8 points, steer clear of a vegan diet.



Do Vegans Really Need More Vitamin B12 in Their Diets?

The most common question people seem to ask vegans on a day-to-day basis, besides the obvious “Where do you get your protein, anyway?” question of course, is whether or not they get enough Vitamin B12 in their diets.
When I personally switched to a more plant-based diet (I was vegan except on Sundays for the most part, when I went back to my parents’ house for some home cooking), I also noticed a few months later that my own B12 levels had dropped, and began supplementing with a regular and then a sublingual (under the tongue) B12 supplement for better absorption.

16 Vegan One-Pot Recipes If You Are Considering Cutting Animals Out Of Your Diet

Nowadays many people are deciding to cut back on their consumption of meat and other animal products. There are a few reasons for this, including numerous health concerns, a compassionate stance on animal welfare, and negative environmental implications. If this is you, then whatever your reason is, I commend you on making this decision!

Italy proposal to jail vegans who impose diet on children – BBC

Parents who restrict their children to a vegan diet could face a jail term if a controversial bill is passed by the Italian parliament.
Such parents, the draft bill claims, are imposing a diet “devoid of essential elements for [children’s] healthy and balanced growth”.

Vegan diet the secret to Gold Coast bodybuilder’s success

A Gold Coast bodybuilder is out to prove that you do not need to eat meat to build muscle. Crissi Carvalho became a vegan in 2011 following a health scare and returned to bodybuilding in 2014 – almost 20 years since she first competed. In the past two years she has competed in and claimed numerous titles, including the IFBB Bikini Masters 35+ earlier this year.

Ellie Goulding’s Amazing Abs Are Thanks To Vegan Diet And HIIT

Ellie Goulding is in peak physical condition, with amazing abs that she is happy to flaunt and admits that before she started doing her intense fitness regimen she had a flat butt, not much shape and lacked confidence to even leave her apartment.

She also attributes eating a vegan diet to her trim shape and ability to keep the weight off.

Vegan or vegetarian: Which diet is better for your health?

An interest in animal rights is often the reason most vegetarians or vegans begin an animal-consumption-free life. Thanks to documentaries like Cowspiracy, the negative impact on the environment that animal products (particularly beef and dairy) have is now thought to be a prevailing reason why people go plant-based. But which of these two diets is better for your health – if indeed they’re better than meat-eating at all?

What Do I think of Lionel Messi’s New Vegan Diet?

He is the world’s greatest footballer, and he is also happens to be from Rosario, Argentina, where I was born. I was reading a local newspaper the other day, and I came up to this story that surprised me and I decided to share it with you. After Argentina failed to win the world cup in 2014, Messi felt his performance in the pitch wasn’t right and decided to change his diet; a decision quite unusual from a football player.

Biblical ‘Daniel Diet’ is a healthy vegan diet in disguise, and it works

Huffington Post ran a piece on the ‘Daniel Diet,’ a 21-day health plan derived from Chapter 10 of the Book of Daniel. Those following Prophet Daniel adhere to a scheduled, religiously motivated “fasting” period in which fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and healthy oils are on the menu. Sound familiar?

New Research Says Plant-based Diet Best for Planet and People

As cities grow and incomes rise around the world, more and more people are leaving gardens and traditional diets behind and eating refined sugars, refined fats, oils and resource- and land-intense agricultural products like beef. This global dietary transition is harming the health of both people and the planet, says new research.

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