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Denmark Is Eyeing a Tax on Red Meat to Fight Climate Change

Denmark is a trailblazer when it comes to environmental issues like sustainability, and we know they know a thing or two about food, too. Sometimes those two stars align, like when Copenhagen’s perpetual darling noma adopted a zero-waste policy, or when a Copenhagen charity opened a supermarket that only sells dented or expired food.

Denmark Considers a Tax on Red Meat to Fight Climate Change

The Danish Council on Ethics, an independent advisory body, has recommended the government implement a climate tax on red meat in an effort to lower red meat consumption and fight climate change. The meat industry contributes more to greenhouse gas emissions than the combined exhaust from every form of transportation on Earth — a whopping fifth of the total. Beef is the biggest culprit, and it requires almost 30 times as much land and 11 times as much water to produce as pork or chicken.

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