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The dark side of the dairy industry: the baby animals that die for our cheese

Last month I drove out to Pasado’s Safe Haven, an animal sanctuary that rescues creatures of all kinds, often from cruelty situations. During my tour I was introduced to 14 male baby goats, running through a field, playfully head butting each other.


Chef Creates Life-Changing Vegan Cheese You Can Make in 15 Minutes

Cheese is the sticking point for many a well-intentioned vegetarian. And while store-bought vegan cheese is making the transition easier than ever — it turns out you can whip up miraculous dairy-free cheeses in just minutes in your home kitchen … all thanks to the genius of The Gentle Chef, Skye Michael Conroy. Conroy’s recipes have earned him a cult following of people devoted to his recipes for cheeses, sauces, and other popular foodstuffs. His Non-Dairy Evolution Cookbook, for example, has recipes for cream cheese, bleu cheese, chevre, muenster, pepper jack, hard parmesan — and almost every other cheese you can imagine. Not to mention non-dairy milks, butters, desserts, and more.

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