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30 Verified, Currently-Vegan Celebrities

Whether you like it or not celebrities and public figures have a good amount of influence when it comes to reducing animal cruelty. Your friend might not be keen on looking at your vegan leaflet, but they would surely pay more attention to a public announcement by their favorite actor against killing animals for food, for example.

20 celebrities on why they gave up meat

We took a look through the archives to see what various famous faces have said about their decision to become vegetarian or vegan. There’s a few of the usual suspects on the list (Morrissey take a bow) – and a few celebrities you might be surprised to discover are vegetarian. If you’re considering giving up meat yourself, some of these quotes might offer a little gentle encouragement.

32 Verified, Currently-Vegan Celebrities

Being a vegan — or at least trying out a vegan diet — is getting mighty trendy. And as annoying as diet trends can be, in this case, that’s a good thing. Because when it comes to our environment, health, and the rights of animals, adopting a vegan diet is an all-around win. Yes, eating vegan might also make you look great, and if that’s the motivation for some people and celebrities who are vegan, then I say whatever diminishes the animal agriculture industry is a good thing. But while some celebrities, like Beyonce and Jay-Z, have recently adopted a part-time vegan diet, others have been at it for longer or more consistently — and have gone all the way to full-time veganism.

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