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A burger in New York City has just been named the best in the world – and it is a vegan recipe!
We know. It’s mindblowing.
The famous $6 (£4) Superiority Burger, which has a fully vegan patty, has just been named the best the world has to offer by GQ magazine.

Vegetarians rejoice, McDonald’s just launched a proper veggie burger in Singapore

McDonald’s just got a lot more vegetarian friendly in Singapore, with the release of a new meatless burger here.
The new burger is a permanent item on its menu, and was announced on Tuesday. It has a deep-fried patty made from green peas, carrots, green beans, red bell peppers and potatoes.

Ex-McDonald’s CEO Joins Board Of Vegan Burger Company Beyond Meat

Former McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson is flipping a new type of burger — one made without meat.

Beyond Meat, a California startup that wants to replace beef and chicken with its vegan alternatives, says the longtime McDonald’s executive has joined its board. The company is part of a wave of startups that say they want to recreate foods like eggs and meat with plant-based ingredients, which they say are gentler on the environment.

It looks like a burger, tastes like a burger – but it’s a plant

Raj Aggarwal took a bite of the burger and paused, looked straight ahead as he chewed, and shrugged his shoulders.
“It tastes like a burger, very tasty,” said Aggarwal, the founder of a startup called Localytics.
“Not quite bloody though.”
 Bloody would be hard, since that burger was made of plants, the first product from a fake meat startup called Impossible Foods. But bloody is what they’re going for.

This vegan burger is so close to the real deal, it’s got celebrity chef approval

Yahoo Australia reports that Momofuku chef David Chang approves of the new vegan burgers by Impossible Foods. In a recent Facebook post, the American restaurateur, author, and television personality puts his professional and personal seal of approval on what looks to be the “meatiest” vegan option to hit the market yet.

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