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15 Vegan Breakfasts You Can Make in 15 Minutes or Less


When simply getting out the door without mismatched shoes is considered a feat during chaotic weekdays, whipping up a satisfying morning meal seems like a long shot. And while meat eaters—and even vegetarians—can grab a decently healthy breakfast sandwich en route to work, it’s often slim pickings for vegans. Not anymore: Check out these 19 meat- and dairy-free recipes you can make at home in 15 minutes or less; some are even portable!


Thanks to a blend of flour and almond milk, vegan French toast can be a thing! Thick slices of day-old bread get soaked in the mixture then seared on a pan until that all-important crust forms. You may not even miss the egg!

The canned pumpkin, cranberries, and warm spices make these wheat-less cups taste just like the holidays. But since they require just ten minutes in the oven, they make a tasty, gluten-free and portable breakfast any time of year.

Thanks to this blogger subbing out the butter and refined sugar for more nutritious ingredients like almond butter, wheat germ, and just a touch of honey, it’s perfectly acceptable to be eating cookie dough for breakfast. Grab a handful of these energy-rich morsels on your way out the door; they may be small, but they’re dense enough to fuel you for a while!

If you’ve got leftover cooked brown rice handy, this breakfast comes together in just ten minutes. Cook the grains over low heat until the almond milk thickens them up, and you’ve got a gluten-free, porridge style bowl ready for your favorite toppings!

If you’re running short on time in the morning, these 10-minute, no-cook bars are a no-brainer. With just 1/4 cup of honey in the eight-serving recipe, they’re much lower in sugar than store-bought versions, while the nuts, seeds, and coconut oil give you plenty of healthy fat without any of the hydrogenated stuff that lurks in many packaged bars.

“Strawberry-infused” sounds like there’s fancy technique at play here, but it’s really just a matter of blending the fruit with some cashews and water for a smoothie-like result. Pour it onto cooked quinoa for a breakfast that’s much heartier than plain old milk and cereal.

All right, this is hardly even a recipe. But it’s quick, vegan, healthy, and delicious, and you need to know about it. Just take your regular nut butter on toast to new and nutritious heights by slicing a banana on top and sprinkling the whole thing with heart-healthy chia seeds. Minimal effort, maximum benefits.

Breakfasts made in a mug are the ultimate quick-fix meal. This one goes vegan by using banana instead of an egg as its binder. The use of ground almond flour for healthy fat will leave you feeling full.


So much goodness in a single bowl but it still only takes 15 minutes to throw together! Find tofu, a heap of veggies, avocado, and quinoa in here, all jazzed up with a handful of spices. Whoever thought eating vegan meant skimping on nutrition should meet this recipe.

It isn’t a breakfast roundup without an avocado toast recipe! This one adds the refreshing crunch of cucumbers alongside the creamy, fiber-rich fruit. Enjoy it open-faced or turn it into a sandwich to eat on the go.

With scrambled tofu, refried beans (make sure you’re using a lard-free version to keep things vegan!), veggies, and all the fixin’s, you’ve got your protein, carb, healthy fat, and fiber all tucked inside a single tortilla. There’s no way you’ll be hungry after chowing down on one of these breakfast burritos.

This take on a traditionally eggy dish swaps out the incredible edibles for high-protein chickpea flour. Whisk it into some almond milk, ladle it into a pan, and fill it with veggies. Fold it over, grab a fork and knife, and dig in—just like you would with an omelet!

This healthier take on a classic British breakfast dish cuts down on the brown sugar and contains none of the bacon or lard that you may find in a lot of canned varieties. Pile it on top of toast for a super-satisfying morning meal.

If you make your own hummus, this recipe will only take you an additional five minutes, and it’ll still keep the total time to make this savory breakfast under 15. Up the healthy fat factor by adding some sunflower and hemp seeds on top of the spread—they’ll add a satisfying crunch.


16 Vegan Recipes for People Who Think There’s No Life Without Meat and Cheese


We guarantee that these recipes can make any skeptic gain a new appreciation for the delicious decadence vegan food can offer us — and perhaps even never look back again! From breakfast to dinner, this list has it all; here are 16 plant-based foods that could turn anyone vegan!

14 Delicious Vegan Recipe Swaps That Even Non-Vegans Will Love


A little bit of creativity in the kitchen goes a looong way. Whether you’re waiting on dinner or whipping up a pre-meal snack, Sabra Hummus is a fresh, tasty way to satisfy your appetite.

15 Vegan Crock-Pot Recipes That Will Satisfy Any Winter Craving


It’s the dead of winter, and everyone is whipping out their Crock-Pots to get the most of them before we launch into spring. If you are vegan, you might be wondering where all the vegan Crock-Pot recipes have gone to keep you warm through the rest of the winter, too. Wonder no more, my friends, because I have rounded up the ultimate list of yummy winter food ideas that will keep you warm and satisfied through the end of these last few brutally cold days we still have in front of us.



Three-ingredient desserts that don’t compromise on crunchiness and taste? Now these are sweet-tooth pleasing, quick and easy to put together – the type of vegan food you want in your mouth!

13 Vegan Ice Cream Recipes That Are Better Than The Real Thing


Ice cream is, at its very core, a dairy-rich dessert. It has not been a friend to the lactose intolerant or vegans, which doesn’t seem fair when you consider how very amazing this frozen treat is to eat. Luckily, it turns out that cream is not actually necessary to make our beloved ice cream at all. You can churn a delicious batch without a single drop of dairy.

Vegan cheese is a thing & it’s DELICIOUS, 3 recipes you’re going to love[1]

Creamy and luscious are rarely how people describe dairy-free cheese, but all that’s about to change thanks to chef Chloe Coscarelli. With the success of her vegan restaurant empire by CHLOE, she’s a major face of the country’s meatless movement and she gave TODAY Food the scoop on how to make her absolutely delicious vegan cheeses at home. Whether you’re lactose intolerant, vegan or just want to check out this white hot food trend, Chloe is the perfect person to introduce you to the world of nut cheese. Yes, that’s non-dairy “cheese” made from nuts. Like veggie burgers, they get a bad rap because there’s a dearth of good ones available on supermarket shelves.

But Chloe says you can make a variety of spreadable, sprinkle-able, even melt-able cheeses made from nuts that you’ll enjoy on pasta, salads, crackers — everywhere you’d use traditional cheese — even if you eat dairy.

Here are her three favorite varieties and how to whip ’em up:

Cashew “cheese”

Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

TODAY Show: Chef Ryan Scott wows Hoda and Jenna Bush Hager with his healthy no-cook squash tagliatelle with creamy raw alfredo pesto.

“Cashews are probably the easiest nut because you don’t have to take it out of a shell or take the skin off,” she tells TODAY Food. “And it’s really creamy; there’s a high fat content — good fat — so it makes the perfect cheese sauce.”

It’s very versatile, too. “You can blend, pulse it, or grind them so it just depends if you’re looking for a soft cheese, a cheese sauce or something ground-up and crumbly.”

Cashew cheese is the best for saucy cheeses, she says — like mozzarella sauce or macaroni-and-cheese sauce — which you can easily make by blitzing cashews with water in a high-powered blender and then adding your flavors on top. If you don’t have a high-powered blender, soak the cashews overnight in water to soften.

“And yes, cashew cheese can definitely be melty,” she assures us. “Especially if you heat it up a little bit — and then you can put it on pizza, pasta, anywhere.”

Recipe to try: Summer Squash Tagliatelle with Creamy Raw Alfredo Pesto

Almond “cheese”

Courtesy of By Chloe

Pasta Carbonara with Shiitake Bacon

“Almonds make the best crumbly cheeses, like a Parmesan-type topping,” says Chloe. “Walnuts and pecans are great too.”

To make her almond cheese, she pulses the nuts in a food processor until its ground into a crumbly texture then mixes it with nutritional yeast, sea salt, and olive oil (no water).”I like to put it on popcorn and pasta,” she says.

Recipe to try: Pasta Carbonara with Shiitake Bacon

Tofu “cheese”

Samantha Okazaki / TODAY

“I use tofu to make a soft, ricotta-type cheese,” she says. “First, I like to mush it with my hands or in a food processor and then I add basil and caramelized onions to add a little bit of sweetness. Dollop it on pasta or pizza—it’s delicious.”

Recipe to try: Beet Fettuccine Alfredo

Quesadillas With Cashew Mozzarella and Chipotle Cream

These vegan quesadillas are made with homemade cashew cheese and chipotle cream. They’re melty, gooey, stretchy, spicy, and best of all? They take just 20 minutes to prepare, including the made from scratch cashew mozzarella! Feel like celebrating yet? You will when you taste these!

5 Vegan Dessert Recipes You’ll Want to Eat Immediately


From the popular blog This Rawsome Vegan Life comes a new book, Rawsome Vegan Baking, which features these mouthwatering recipes. Dig in.

Ice Cream Sandwiches with Rosemary Almond Cookies & Berry Medley Ice Cream

Ice Cream Sandwiches with Rosemary Almond Cookies & Berry Medley Ice CreamCOURTESY EMILY VON EUW
“I could eat all of these in one sitting, no kidding. This recipe has four ingredients (or five if you add rosemary). I love how simple and filling raw desserts are: there are no lame filler ingredients, such as flour, baking soda and sugar. Every single component of these recipes is a whole food, special and delicious on its own. You wouldn’t snack on flour while baking, would you? Or grab a few tablespoons of sugar when making ice cream, right? Those ingredients are too refined to be good on their own. In my recipes, I like using only foods that are awesome all by themselves. Get messy with these bad boys.”

Makes: 6 to 8 sandwiches with scraps left over

1 cup (145 g) raw almonds
1 cup (175 g) pitted dates
A few fresh rosemary leaves

2 bananas, frozen
1 cup (255 g) frozen strawberries

TO MAKE THE COOKIES: Process all the ingredients in your food processor until they stick together. Press half of this cookie mixture into the bottom of a parchment paper–lined baking pan, so it ends up being about 3⁄8 inch (1 cm) thick, or however thick you want your cookies to be! Put in the fridge.

TO MAKE THE ICE CREAM: Put the fruit into your high-speed blender and blend for several minutes, continuing to push the fruit into the blades. In just a moment, the frozen fruit chunks will turn into a creamy thick soft-serve ice cream. Spread this onto your bottom cookie layer and put it back in the freezer until it’s solid. Then press the rest of your cookie mixture on top. Again, put in the freezer until totally solid. Cut out cookies with . . . cookie cutters (duh). Nom nom nom!

Almond Joys with Crunchy Coconut Center Enrobed in Raw Chocolate

Almond Joys with Crunchy Coconut Center Enrobed in Raw ChocolateCOURTESY EMILY VON EUW
“These are a little bit addictive for coconut lovers. My mom does not have a very big sweet tooth but she devoured these in minutes, because she loved Almond Joy while growing up. I see that as a job well done on my part! The best compliment is when someone can’t stop eating your recipe, or asks for seconds.”

Makes: 6 large

4 tablespoons (60 ml) melted cacao butter
¼ cup (30 g) cacao powder
2 tablespoons (40 g) preferred liquid sweetener

1 ¼ cups (107 g) unsweetened shredded coconut
1 tablespoon (15 ml) melted coconut oil, or as needed
1 tablespoon (20 g) agave nectar, or as needed

TO MAKE THE CHOCOLATE: Mix all the ingredients together until smooth. Set aside.

TO MAKE THE COCONUT CENTERS: Put half of the coconut into your food processor and process until you get a chunky butter consistency; it may take several minutes. Add the rest of the ingredients, including the remaining coconut, and process until it all sticks together. If it’s too dry, add more coconut oil or agave nectar. Press this mixture into flattened balls and put in the fridge for an hour, until they set. Then dip in the chocolate and allow the chocolate to set. Finally—eat.

Jewel Fruit Tart with Caramel-Almond Filling

Jewel Fruit Tart with Caramel-Almond FillingCOURTESY EMILY VON EUW
“I love how frozen berries look just like gems, and that is showcased in this recipe. Here’s a challenge: try not to eat all of the almond caramel before putting it in your crust.”

Makes: 1 tart, 8 servings CRUST
2 cups (200 g) raw walnuts
2 cups (290 g) raisins

¼ cup (64 g) raw almond butter
¼ cup (59 ml) melted coconut oil
¼ cup (85 g) pure maple syrup
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

3 cups (765 g) frozen berries (or however much you want)
½ cup (56 g) goji berries

TO MAKE THE CRUST: Pulse the walnuts in your food processor until they become a coarse flour. Add the raisins and process until it sticks together, forming a dough. Press into a tart tin. Put in the fridge and let it set for about 2 hours.

TO MAKE THE FILLING: Blend all the ingredients until smooth, adding water, as needed. Spread gently into the bottom of your tart crust and then let it harden in the fridge for 30 to 60 minutes. Now top the tart off with all the berries, slice and serve!


Chocolate Nut Butter Cups, Three Ways

Chocolate Nut Butter Cups, Three WaysCOURTESY EMILY VON EUW
“These are the epitome of sweet decadence. You cannot achieve greater perfection than creamy nut butter wrapped with raw dark chocolate, sprinkled with cacao nibs and sea salt. I chose to use three different kinds of nut butter because, simply put, on countless occasions, variety is the spice of life. You can use whatever kind you want—I decided on sesame seed butter, almond butter and jungle peanut butter [Jungle peanuts are larger and more bitter than regular peanuts. They taste more like tahini than normal PB].”

Makes: 10 to 12

⅓ cup (79 ml) melted coconut oil
2½ tablespoons (50 g) pure maple syrup
⅓ cup (40 g) cacao powder
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

About 3 tablespoons (45 g) sesame seed butter (tahini)
About 3 tablespoons (48 g) raw peanut butter
About 3 tablespoons (48 g) raw almond butter
Sea salt, for garnish
Cacao nibs, for garnish

Mix together the ingredients in a bowl until smooth. Get about a dozen cupcake papers (use smaller liners for mini butter cups) and brush the inside with the chocolate mixture so the bottoms and sides are evenly coated with chocolate. (If it is too runny and doesn’t stick, let it chill and thicken for about 10 minutes.) Put these in the fridge for 30 minutes, or until hardened. Fill each with about 1 teaspoon of one of the nut butters, and then pour the remaining chocolate on top. (You may have to melt the chocolate again so it can be poured.) Put back in the fridge for 20 minutes, or until hardened. Sprinkle with sea salt and cacao nibs and serve with nut milk. Mmm . . . there is no better treat.

Chia Caramel Pecan Pie with Cinnamon Chocolate Sauce

Chia Caramel Pecan Pie with Cinnamon Chocolate SauceCOURTESY EMILY VON EUW
“What a wonderful world we live in, where we get to eat this pie.”

Makes: 1 pie, 8 to 10 servings

2 cups (290 g) raw nuts or buckwheat flour
1 cup (175 g) pitted dates or prunes
½ teaspoon salt

½ cup (88 g) pitted dates
¼ cup (59 ml) melted coconut oil
6 tablespoons (62 g) chia seeds mixed with ¾ cup (177 ml) water
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
1½cups (218 g) raisins

Raw pecans
Raw pumpkin seeds

1 tablespoon (8 g) cacao powder
1 tablespoon (16 g) raw nut butter or melted coconut oil
1 tablespoon (20 g) pure maple syrup
½ teaspoon ground cinnamon

TO MAKE THE CRUST: Pulse the nuts in your food processor until they are crumb size. Add the dates and salt and process until it sticks together. Press into the bottom of a tart plate. Put in fridge.

TO MAKE THE FILLING: Process all ingredients—except ½ cup of the raisins—until smooth, adding water if needed. It will taste as if a divine entity has landed in your mouth. Stir in the reserved ½ cup of raisins by hand and pour into your crust. Let it set in the fridge for 3 hours (or overnight), then decorate with pecans, pumpkin seeds and chocolate sauce. Or not.

TO MAKE THE CHOCOLATE SAUCE: Mix all ingredients together until smooth. Drizzle onto your pie.

No-Bake Bourbon Tiramisu

I know it’s very self-indulgent to call one’s own recipe ‘the best [insert name of meal] ever,’ let alone ‘the best thing you have ever eaten and ever shall eat, end of’, but… This really is the best thing you’ve ever eaten or ever shall eat. End of. I’m not sure I would ever make tiramisu with ladyfingers again after creating this. The deep chocolatey creaminess, soaked in extra strong coffee, is a match made in heaven.

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