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9 Perfect Vegan Mac And Cheese Recipes


The idea of mac and cheese without the cheese is hard to wrap your head around. The cheese is pretty much the whole point of the dish, or so most people think. And then, with one bite of vegan mac and cheese, the need for dairy goes out the window. Vegans know how to make really great cheese substitutes ― a taste of vegan “parm” is proof of that. And when it comes to mac and cheese, they don’t disappoint. It is some truly delicious stuff. It’s creamy, it’s hearty and it even tastes cheese-y.

Chocolate Cashew Butter Swirled Candy Cups



  • For the chocolate bottom layer
  • Enjoy Life dark chocolate chips – 1 cup
  • Extra virgin coconut oil – 3 tbsp
  • Smooth cashew butter – 3 tbsp (any smooth nut butter you like will work)
  • For the cashew-honey-vanilla layer
  • Coconut oil – 3 tbsp
  • Raw honey (or pure maple syrup for vegan) – 1 tbsp
  • Smooth cashew butter – ¼ cup + 2 tbsp (again, any smooth nut butter is good!)
  • Pure vanilla extract – 1 tsp


Make the Chocolate Layer First:
  1. In a small saucepan, melt the coconut oil and the chocolate chips over low heat and stir until melted and smooth
  2. Add the cashew butter and stir until smooth and creamy
  3. Fill your silicone heart mold (or cupcake liners) about halfway up for each cup. Put the chocolate in the freezer or refrigerator while you make the second layer.
For the Cashew Butter Layer

In another small saucepan, melt the 2nd 3 tbsp of coconut oil and the honey together over very low heat while stirring. Add the cashew butter and stir until smooth. Remove from heat, and stir in the vanilla.

Take the mold or lined cupcake pan out of the freezer and carefully spoon a little bit of the cashew butter-honey mix into each heart over the chocolate. Take a toothpick and gently swirl the cashew layer into the chocolate (have fun with the designs!)

Put in the freezer until completely set, then remove from freezer. You should be able to easily pop each chocolate out from the mold or cupcake liners

Serve and enjoy! Store leftovers in the freezer or refrigerator to keep them solid. The chocolate layer will be hard and the cashew layer creamier.

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18 Vegan Lunch Ideas To Satisfy Those Afternoon Cravings


Eating vegan is like a work of art. It takes practice and imagination to cook up delicious vegan lunch ideas, desserts, and soups. Because vegan grub omits everything made with animal products, it’s essential to get clever with your cooking. That’s where this list comes in.

Mini Doughnut Balls With Caramel Dipping Sauce

Years ago I used to be obsessed with these things called ‘Diddy Donuts’ in Burger King (in case you haven’t noticed yet, I used to have a pretty hardcore thing for fast food). They were greasy little doughnuts with chocolate, caramel or vanilla dipping sauces (I used to get extra sauce to dip my fries in…). Sometimes I miss those days. So when I saw this Jamie Oliver recipe for mini doughnuts I decided to relive those oily days of yore.

12 vegan recipes that will make your BBQ both meatless and epic


Who says vegans can’t have a good time at a BBQ? We’re here to help you think outside the typical veggie-burger-box with some yummy inspiration to help you grill it vegan-style all summer long. Now, pass the hummus.

20 Vegan Lunch Ideas To Satisfy Those Afternoon Cravings


Eating vegan is like a work of art. It takes practice and imagination to cook up delicious vegan lunch ideas, desserts, and soups. Because vegan grub omits everything made with animal products, it’s essential to get clever with your cooking. That’s where this list comes in. Granted, eating a vegan diet isn’t the easiest — especially when you’re just getting started. It takes practice to understand (and remember) what you can and cannot eat. By cutting out all animal products, you’re skipping foods that may be great sources of a certain vitamins and nutrients. For example, vegans need to focus on getting enough protein in their diet. Fortunately, there are definitely ways to eat more protein without meat. Nutritional yeast and nut butters are both ideal options.

15 Vegan Recipes For the True Potato Lover


We don’t know how it became a holiday, but February 8th is National Potato Lover’s Day — and what a wonderful day it is because we love potatoes. But we’re far from the only potato fans around here; the average American eats 140 pounds of potatoes per year. Who could blame them? Potatoes are great for making fries, mash, and casseroles as well as unconventional dishes. We have 15 recipes that showcase how versatile these little tubers are.

Polenta Lasagna with Portabellas and Kale


You know I really like a recipe when I make it two days in a row. I first made this dish for dinner last night, and though I liked it and my husband thought it was “outstanding,” I still wanted to tinker with the recipe. It was good, but I thought it could be incredible. So this morning I got to work, making a couple of small changes, and boy am I glad I did. A good recipe got even better—and I got an amazing lunch!

Valentine’s Day 2017: 15 stunning and delicious vegan V Day recipes

Romantic background with biscuit made words. Valentines day homemade cookies with icing on white table, top view

Is there a vegan in your life who you’re trying to wow? Perhaps you fancy treating yourself on Valentine’s Day?

Or maybe you’re simply looking for a romantic yet healthy treat?

Whatever your situation, these food bloggers have got you covered.

From vegan pavlova to raw passionfruit swirl cake and vegan shortbread to chocolate mousse, you’re sure to find a plant-based recipe here to tempt you into a romantic gesture.

Here are 15 delicious and stunning vegan Valentine’s Day recipes everyone will enjoy.

1. Raw passionfruit swirl cake

By Happy Health Blog.

2. Raw strawberry milkshake fudge

By Wallflower Kitchen.

3. Mini pavlovas

By Le Coin De Mel.

4. Beet nut butter cups

By Veggie Desserts.

5. Valentine’s Iced Shortbread Hearts

By Sneaky Veg.

6. Raw raspberry ruffle bars

By Rawberry Fields.

7. Raw chocolate hearts

By Rough Measures.

8. Valentine’s Day cupcakes with strawberry icing

By The Colorful Kitchen.

9. Cherry almond cake

By Cookie and Biscuit.

10. Rose and pistachio granola

By Rough Measures.

11. Valentine’s Shortbread Sweethearts

By The Veg Space.

12. Strawberry breakfast bites

By My Kids Lick the Bowl.

13. Raspberry cashew oaty bites

By Sneaky Veg.

14. Three ingredient chocolate mousse

By The Colorful Kitchen.

15. Valentine’s amaretto truffles

By Lazy Cat Kitchen.

Mandy Mazliah is a vegetarian mum of three whose kids don’t eat vegetables. Read about her efforts to get them to eat their five a day at


6 High-Protein Vegan Meal Ideas


“Where do you get your protein?” It’s the most common question I get when people find out that I’m a vegan. My answer? There are a zillion ways to incorporate vegan protein into your diet! Between beans, legumes, quinoa, nuts, and so much more, I’m never short on non-animal protein sources. Here are six of my favorite protein-packed vegan meals. They’re all super easy to make and perfect for any summer night. Happy eating!

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