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37 Million Bees Found Dead After GMO Fields Were Planted Nearby


Dave Schuit, a beekeeper who produces honey in Elmwood, Canada, claims that since GMO corn was planted in the nearby area, his farm has lost around 37 million bees (approximately 600 hives). According to reports, Schuit and other local beekeepers believe neonicotinoids, or “neonics” are to blame for the influx of bee deaths.

How To Create A Complete Self-Sustaining Homestead On 1-Acre of Land


Homesteaders love life. Yes, the days are often long but they don’t have to wake up each morning to dread the day thinking about dealing with an irritable boss or cranky customer. They also know that many of the things that other people do for recreation are the things that they do every day as part of their lifestyle. They love to live close to the land and nature and value their independence.

Watering Your Garden This Way Injects Pharmaceuticals Into Your Veggies


Do you water your vegetable garden with recycled city water? If so, you may be eating pharmaceutical contaminants that accumulate in your food. A recent study by the American Chemical Society published by Chemistry and Engineering News shows that “eating vegetables grown using reclaimed water boosts urine levels of carbamazepine, an anti-epileptic drug commonly detected in wastewater” meaning that anyone who consumes this produce is exposed to the carbamazepine drug in detectable dosages.

10 Tips For Growing The Best Tomatoes


The keys to growing savory, delicious tomatoes from seed are simple yet often overlooked. These 10 simple rules will make all the difference. Tomatoes are a common crop found in most gardens. There is nothing like a fresh tomato from the garden, but sometimes growing the perfect tomato can be more difficult than anticipated. Here are 10 rules every gardener should follow when growing tomatoes:

Top 10 vegetables to grow in your garden


A perfectly ripe, juicy tomato, still warm from the sun. Sweet carrots, pulled from the garden minutes (or even seconds!) before they’re eaten. Growing your own vegetables is one of those activities that balances practicality and indulgence. In addition to the convenience of having the fixings for a salad or light supper right outside your door (or on your windowsill), when you grow your own vegetables, you’re getting the most nutritional bang for your buck as well. Vegetables start losing nutrients as soon as they’re harvested, and quality diminishes as sugars are turned into starches. For the tastiest veggies with the best nutrition, try growing a few of these nutrient-dense foods in your own garden. And don’t let the lack of a yard stop you — all of them can be grown in containers as well.

4 Herb Garden Combinations From Around The World


Sow global flavors at your fingertips by growing these 4 international indoor herb combinations.

Southeast Asian

Southeast Asian cuisine is full of flavor and delicious herbs and ingredients. For your own Southeast Asian container herb garden grow:

15 superb gardening tips all your neighbors will want to know


Summer is the time when gardeners can really make the most of the weather to grow lots of beautiful and tasty things. That’s why  decided to share these little-known tips with you. We’re certain they’ll be very useful for all those with green fingers.

12 creative alternatives to ordinary pots for your plants


Plants and flowers in pots are always magical interior or garden decorations, especially if the pots are unusual and creative.
We collected a few inspirational and cute ideas for new homes for your ’green friends.’ Try to have a look at familiar things from a new angle!

Google Predicts a Plant-Based Revolution!


Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google’s parent company Alphabet, has named the number one “game-changing” trend of the future as the consumption of plant-based proteins instead of meat. In a report by Fortune, Schmidt spoke to thousands of investors and business executives at the Milken Institute’s Global Conference. Schmidt has dedicated his career to identifying worldwide technology trends, and discussed plant-based food as one of six upcoming technologies that will significantly improve society, including mobile medical data, self-driving cars, and computers that pinpoint effective teaching strategies for individual students.

12 plants that repel unwanted insects


Are you an insect magnet? If you aren’t, you probably know one. Insect magnets attract annoying insects the second they walk outdoors — or so it seems. If this describes you, take comfort in knowing that one of the ways you can fight back against mosquitoes, gnats, flies, no-see-ums and other pesky bugs doesn’t have to involve covering yourself with a sticky spray or engaging in chemical warfare. To help you enjoy going outdoors, try strategically placing insect-repelling plants in your garden or on your patio.

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