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New study reveals ancient Egyptians were mostly vegetarian


New research published in the Journal of Archaeological Science and reported in Live Science has shed light on the ancient Egyptian diet. By analysing the carbon atoms in mummies that had lived in Egypt between 3500 BC and 600 AD, the French research team were able to determine that ancient Egyptians were largely vegetarian.

The analysis was carried out on the remains of 45 ancient Egyptians that had been sent to two museums in Lyon, France during the 19 th century, and involved a cutting-edge technique involving the measurement of carbon ratios taken from bone, tooth enamel and hair.

We had an approach that was a little different,” explained Alexandra Touzeau, who led the research team at the University of Lyon. “We worked a lot with bones and teeth, while most researchers study hair, collagen and proteins. We also worked on many different periods, with not many individuals for each period, so we could cover a very long time span.

All carbon atoms are taken in by plants from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere by the process of photosynthesis. By eating plants, and the animals that had eaten plants, the carbon ends up in our bodies. Analysing this carbon can actually reveal what a person has eaten.

The results revealed that the ancient Egyptians were mainly vegetarian and their diet was primarily wheat- and barley-based. Cereals, such as millet and sorghum, formed a minor part of their diet (less than 10 per cent).

One of the most unusual discoveries was that there seems to have been little fish in their diet. Most people would probably expect the ancient Egyptians living along the Nile to have eaten a lot of fish, and archaeological excavations have found mummified fish in large quantities. However, at least in the 45 individuals studied, fish was not prominent in their diets.

“There is abundant evidence for fishing in Egyptian wall reliefs and models (both spear and net fishing), and fish shows up in offering lists.  There is also a lot of archeological evidence for fish consumption from sites such as Gaza and Amama,” said Kate Spence, an archaeologist and specialist in ancient Egypt at the University of Cambridge in England. “All this makes it a bit surprising that the isotopes should suggest that fish was not widely consumed.”

In ancient cultures vegetarianism was much more common, except in nomadic populations, and eating meat was a development that occurred more recently.

Featured image:  Ancient Egyptian wall painting depicting food and wine preparation. Image source .

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Trump’s newest pick is a defender of puppy mills — “An industry of torture”


President-elect Donald Trump’s administration is slowly taking shape, and more than a few of his leadership picks have aroused concern either for their personal histories or questionable qualifications. But one of Trump’s most recent picks to helm his transition, Brian Klippenstein, has an almost cartoonishly-villainous history protecting puppy mills from regulation that would make them more humane.

Vegan In-N-Out Expands to Second Location


One of the hottest restaurants of the year from the moment it opened, talk of an expansion for “vegan fast-food” pioneer VegeWay began within days of its debut. A rumored location inside a former Arby’s, close to the Boulevard Mall, was floated and there has been talk of Henderson. But Centenial will be the site of Las Vegas’ second “all vegan drive-thru.”

London is getting its first entirely vegan fried chicken shop


Calling all vegans and vegetarians who feel they have greatly missed out on the delights of KFC: we have some very big news. In January 2017, London will finally be getting its first all vegan fried chicken shop, serving up all kinds of delightful fried chicken in sandwiches, tubs, and chopped into mac ‘n’ cheese. Now, if you’re a serious vegan, you’ll have noticed that chicken isn’t exactly vegan-friendly. You know, because it’s a bird. So how on earth can a vegan fried chicken joint exist?

Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo Gets Vegan Certified


100-year old brand is “proud” to join the vegan movement. Condiment company Hellmann’s (known as Best Foods in some regions) announced yesterday that Vegan Action—the national non-profit organization responsible for certifying many of the vegan products in grocery stores—has certified their eggless mayonnaise as vegan. Hellmann’s parent company Unilever filed suit against San Francisco-based Hampton Creek last year alleging that the vegan company’s product Just Mayo violated the standard of identity of mayonnaise as it did not contain eggs. Shortly after dropping the suit, Hellman’s released its “Carefully Crafted Dressing and Sandwich Spread,” a mayo-like product.

Norway becomes First Country In The World To Pledge Zero Deforestation


Norway has become the first country in the world to commit to zero deforestation.
The Norwegian parliament pledged the government’s public procurement policy will become deforestation-free after a committee of MPs recommended imposing regulations to ensure the state did “not contribute to deforestation of the rainforest”.

Bank of England will look at making new five pound note vegan-friendly


The Bank of England has said it is looking to make the new £5 note vegan-friendly following a backlash over the use of animal fat in the new cash.
More than 114,000 people have signed a petition, outraged at the use of animal products in the new note.

Vegan-Friendly Jamaican Restaurant Opens 2nd Location In Newark, NJ


NEWARK, NJ — The owners of the highly touted Montclair eatery Vital Restaurant are bringing their “Caribbean oasis” vibe to a second location called “Freetown Café” in downtown Newark.
The 27-seat café is located at 41 Halsey Street (the corner of Bleeker Street) and draws inspiration from its flagship destination in Montclair including a coffee bar, art and African décor, according to a company news release.


Football club goes vegan in ‘world first’


A football club is claiming to be the world’s first to adopt a vegan match day menu after removing cows’ milk from its hot drinks.
National League club Forest Green Rovers stopped selling meat burgers in 2011 and in July took fish off the menu to become fully vegetarian.

Donald Trump Says Vegans Should Be Punished, Too


Donald Trump said on Wednesday that if abortions are banned in the United States, women who seek them should be subject to “some form of punishment.” He later recanted his comment after receiving backlash from both sides of the aisle.
On Thursday evening, Trump fanned the flames of controversy once more when he stated that another group of people should be subject to criminal sanctions: vegans. In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Trump stated that those who eschew meat, dairy, eggs, and other animal products “should be thrown in jail.”

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