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Illinois man lights firework in dog’s mouth while laughing about it!

Nicholas Garcia has turned himself in to the police! He also deactivated his Facebook account. Continue to sign and share and demand a stiff jail term! A man from Joliet, Illinois is sought after by police after tricking a pit bull dog into taking a firework in his mouth moments before he had lighted it up. The dog did not survive the incident.

Costa Rica Is Shutting Down All Zoos And Freeing Every Animal In Captivity!

Costa Rica has announced that it will be the first country in the world to shut down its zoos and free the captive animals they hold. Costa Rica is an especially biodiverse country, holding about 4% of the world’s known species. Sadly, the country is contractually obligated to keep two of its zoos open for another decade. Still, after that, they plan to shut it down in favor of a cage-free habitat for the animals to live in.

Slaughterhouse Worker Goes Vegan

Australian-born Josh Agland worked in a slaughterhouse for three years before the horrors he witnessed inspired him to become an activist with local political group Animal Justice Party. Agland detailed his experience on the kill line to The Huffington Post, revealing that workers have kill quotas (100 animals per hour) and falling short directly affects their wages.

Animals are skinned alive, mutilated, prodded, and neglected in the course of everyday work. Agland recalls a dairy cow who collapsed on the slaughterhouse floor and was left without pain relief because workers believed she was destined for slaughter in the morning anyway.

“One-way gates prevent the animals from backing away in fear,” Agland said. “Many get caught as they sprint forward to remain close to a friend for comfort.”

The former kill floor worker spoke out about his story because he believes that “it’s the story of the animals who fear and fight death on gruesome, fast-paced slaughter lines, and it’s the story of the workers who perform this dangerous, soul-destroying work. It’s the story of the business of killing and it needs to be told.”

Agland’s new line of work is driven by the idea that “we are not just speaking for ourselves but the billions of others who cannot be heard.”


Armani Announces That They Will Never Use Fur In Their Fashion Lines Again

First SeaWorld, now Armani: this past week, huge steps have been taken by corporations after years of facing criticism to ensure that animals are no longer subject to cruel practices. Giorgio Armani just announced on Tuesday that Armani and all related lines would no longer be using fur, starting later this year with the Autumn/Winter 2016 collection.

Popular Science: “The Cow Will Become Obsolete”

Science publication highlights compelling innovations that will effectively phase out the use of cows for milk, meat, leather, and insulin.

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