10 Struggles Of Going Out To Eat That Only Vegans Understand

If I could find something other than twelve orders of fries, that would be great. 1. You’re always introduced as “The Vegan” every time you go out to eat.

Plant Based Logic / Via Instagram: @plantbasedlogic

2. Then you have to explain what that means six thousand times.

3. So everyone apologizes for eating dead animals and inviting you to a restaurant that serves meat.

4. Then you feel guilty for being “that guy” who asks the waiter for special dietary options.

The Simpsons / Via reddit.com

5. And you ask the waiter if something is vegan, but you don’t trust them to know the answer.

6. So you spend 20 minutes searching the menu for something you could possibly veganize.

7. But you realize French Fries and Side Salad with no cheese are your only options.

8. And you still have to try to figure out which dressings are “clean.”

9. You then sit through the entire meal enduring jokes about your food.

10. But it’s okay, because you’ll be able to go to a murder-free restaurant with fellow vegans tomorrow.

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