This whole Oregon town is up for sale for $3.8m

The entire town of Tiller, in the US state of Oregon, has been put up for sale with a price tag of $3.8m. It’s a mostly uninhabited area 225 miles (362 km) south of Portland. The deal includes six houses, a flat, petrol station and a shop. Roughly 250 people live in the surrounding area. But residents began leaving the area after the decline in timber harvesting and the closure of the town’s mill, according to the estate agent. Tiller originally went on the market in 2015 but didn’t include the old primary school building.


Only two residents remain in Tiller itself – a former teacher who lives next to the school, and the vicar of the local church. Neither of their plots is for sale.

Tiller, Oregon

Image captionTiller is surrounded by hills and woodland
Tiller, Oregon

Image captionSouth Umpqua Falls near Tiller is the site of a popular picnic area
A house in Tiller, Oregon

Image captionFancy a cabin in the woods?
The general store in Tiller, Oregon

Image captionTiller’s main shop is available from a separate seller
The inside of the general store in Tiller

Image captionThe Walking Dead survivors would LOVE this
The primary school is also up for sale

Image captionThe town’s former primary school comes complete with resident deer
The gym from Tiller's primary school

Image captionYou can smell that unique gym whiff from here

So why does nobody want to live here?

“When the federal money started dwindling away for timber, basically the mill shut down,” said Garrett Zoller, the owner of Land and Wildlife.

“And when the mill shut down, a lot of the loggers started having to go away.”

The family that owns Tiller now bought it lot by lot as other families left.

Interested buyers have so far included a number of Chinese investors, people interested in starting medical facilities and hemp-growing operations.


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