Man vs. Food Adam Richman Undergoes Vegan Weight Loss Transformation

These days we are seeing more celebrities either adopting a vegan lifestyle, or adhering to it for a specific reason like weight loss. Beyoncé and Jay Z teamed up together with a vegan meal delivery service to encourage more people to eat healthier. Recently Gwyneth Paltrow demonstrated to the world that eating plant-based can be cheap and underwent a challenge to prove it. Now the big buzz is about Adam Richman following a vegan plant-based diet to lose weight. What?! Yes, it’s the popular Adam Richman of Man vs. Food who has been downing all those insanely large quantities of artery-clogging foods to win prizes and earn fame on restaurants walls. It appears he’ has had enough. (1)


For the love of soccer, Adam Richman goes vegan

Adam Richman claims that he has been vegan for three months, not because the Man vs. Food show ended, but for his health and love of soccer. “I’m training for football right now, I’ve been vegan for the past three months or so,” he said. “And for Soccer Aid I went 100 percent vegan.”

Losing approximately 70 pounds of weight, Richman embraced the path of becoming a conscious eater. Make no mistake, despite what the rumors say, Richman is not 100% vegan. In fact, he now adheres to the vegan diet ‘periodically’ and says, “Now does that mean I’m not going to have a steak? No I absolutely will when I want to,” Richman said. “But it’s just about picking and choosing my spots, and when I want to have that cow and I wanna have that bacon, I’m going to make it count, I’m going to make it great quality.”

Although Richman isn’t a full-fledge vegan, we applaud his efforts in eating more plant-based foods and promoting the lifestyle.

Vegan weight loss transformation

Studies reveal that eating more plant-based foods protect us from disease and can help people wean off various medication. For some people going vegan is a cold-turkey transformation that they’ll make for the rest of their lives, while others try vegan for a limited time, acknowledging that something needs to change.

Richman shares, “And I was so unhappy with the way I looked in the rushes that I just said, ‘OK, something has to change.’ And I mean being unhappy and doing something about it are not one in the same thing. And so I worked with my doctor and worked with my nutritionist and made a lifestyle change.”

Adam Richman clearly believes that a vegan plant-based diet has helped him with his overall health and weight loss goals. Wouldn’t it be neat if he could leverage his celebrity status and promote a show that encourages more plant-based foods and challenges?

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