8 Savory Vegan Burger Recipes That Render Beef Irrelevant

The quest for the real good veggie burgers out there seems like a never-ending one.  Many people have been let down by recipes they found with their Google search results as well as many of the frozen store-bought veggie patties, so many people have sort of just given up on finding ‘the one’.  This widespread, un-necessary tragedy inspired me to spend the past while aimlessly searching the internet, critiquing reviews, ingredients and archiving together the best, most decadent veggie burger recipes that have proven themselves to be gold. Behold: the 8 that made the list. You will not be disappointed.

If you’ve been on the look for some seriously gourmet vegan burger patty recipes to make at home, look no further.  Well, a little further— at the 8 veggie burger recipes below that are about to change your life!!!!  Just click on the headline or photo to be teleported to the recipes and voila!


1. The Grillable Veggie Burger by the Minimalist Baker

A grillable, earthy blend of black beans, walnuts, BBQ sauce and smoked paprika makes this patty perfect for the barbeque.


2.  Red Lentil Cauliflower Burger w/ Chipotle Habanero Mayo

Topped with pickled jalapenos, avocado and onion rings, this genius red lentil cauliflower burger is a decadent beast.  Thank you, Vegan Richa.


3.  Salsa Verde Sliders with Avocado Mayo

Photo credit to Nikki of The Tolerant Vegan
These delightful sliders are made with salsa verde, one of the most sensual sauces in the culinary world.  ‘Nuff said.


4.  Black & Beet Mushroom-Walnut Burger

Bold, thick, and baked.  Made with walnuts, shiitake mushrooms and beets in a base of black beans and black rice dashed with spanish paprika— this earthy burger renders beef irrelevant.


5.  Smoky Portobello Black Bean Burger

Made with liquid smoke, balsamic vinegar and garlic aioli, this vegan burger is sensually inspiring, satisfying, and quite fancy.


6.  Baked Eggplant Burger with Hummus

A golden masterpiece of The Tolerant Vegan, this hearty, comforting eggplant burger is made with with pine nuts, garlicy goodness and topped with home-made hummus.  Mmmm.


7.  Sweet Potato Chickpea Burger with BBQ Sauce

This work of art by The Vegan 8 is not just a burger— it is an experience.  Home-made barbecue sauce drapes a juicy sweet potato chickpea patty layered with lettuce, tomato and beloved avocado.


8.  Vegan Dijon Black Pepper Burgers by Crazy Vegan Kitchen

This beautiful burger is made with red lentils, carrot and garbanzo beans with an enchanting blend of coriander, cayenne, onion powder, cumin, minced garlic, paprika and finely chopped thai basil.  It is topped with home-made spicy black pepper sauce and dijon mayonnaise.  As a vegan foodie, I think I just shed a tear.


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