15 Vegan Meals Under $3

If done intelligently, you can cook a healthy vegan meal for less money than you would normally blow on a soy latte. To make your meal even more affordable, use cheap ingredients like lentils and beans, buy ingredients in bulk, look for sales and coupons, buy store-brand items, and bike or walk to the store to save on gas money. Happy cooking!
Note: The following recipes are $3 or less per serving. Costs per serving were calculated using Sense to Save.

1. Vegan Meatball Subs (approximately $3 per serving)

Vegan Meatball Sub

Who doesn’t love a “meatball” sub? Whoever invented this dish is pure genius.

2. Avocado Cream Pasta (approximately $2.80 per serving)


Pasta is the classic cheap-yet-filling food, and nowadays, it’s not just made from flour. You can choose from pasta made from wheat, quinoa, soy, and even zucchini.

3. Back-to-School ‘Chicken’ Salad (approximately $1.88 per serving)

Vegan Chicken Salad Sandwich

This seven-ingredient recipe will probably take less than seven minutes to make!

4. Macaroni-and-‘Cheese’ Casserole (approximately $2.75 per serving)


The key ingredient in this mouthwatering dish is the nutritional yeast. Try Bragg brand.

5. Vegan Breakfast Sandwich, Courtesy of I Love Vegan (approximately $2.56 per serving)

In this exquisite post, I Love Vegan breaks down this recipe, giving us various options for each ingredient along the way.

6. Sweet Potato Chickpea Buddha Bowl, Courtesy of Minimalist Baker(approximately $3 per serving)

This bowl is full of powerful foods such as kale, sweet potatoes, and chickpeas.

7. Mexican Noodle Soup (approximately $0.68 per serving)


Peppers, cilantro, and a touch of cumin, along with a few other ingredients, make for a complex, flavorful dish.

8. Easy Vegan Naan Pizza (approximately $3 per serving)


Naan is a delicious bread used in Indian cuisine, and it happens to make a wonderful pizza crust, too.

9. Vegan Mushroom Rosemary Stroganoff, Courtesy of One Ingredient Chef(approximately $3 per serving)

This famous Russian dish deserves a little more attention from us vegans. The mushroom version is heavenly, and thanks to the One Ingredient Chef, we can make a simple, affordable version.

10. Southwest Lime Corn Salad, Courtesy of The Vegan 8 (approximately $3 per serving)

You won’t have to tighten your purse strings when your taste buds take a trip to Texas with this hearty salad.

11. Strawberry-Almond-Kale Salad with Citrus Vinaigrette (approximately $2.15 per serving)


The mix of sweet strawberries and bitter kale is truly a taste to relish.

12. Smoky Black Bean Beet Burger, Courtesy of Minimalist Baker(approximately $1.50 per serving)

This burger is so delicious that you won’t believe it’s also the healthiest thing ever.

13. Tofu Scramble (approximately $1.67 per serving)


You’ve got to love a tofu scramble—you get so much bang for your buck and a walloping punch of protein, too.

14. Stuffed Crust Tomato Basil Pizza with Vegan Mozzarella (approximately $2.66 per serving)

Pizza with Follow Your Heart

This pizza is even more divine with homemade crust, although the Trader Joe’s variety does just fine.

15. Spaghetti with White Bean Alfredo Sauce (approximately $1.73 per serving)

White Bean Alfredo

Keep in mind that this Alfredo sauce is vegan and made of white beans, so it’s creamy and delicious but not high in calories like the Alfredo sauce of yesteryear.


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