Here’s What Happens When You Stop Being a Vegan

So you did the whole vegetarian lifestyle for a while, but then one day you decided to give it up and venture into the world of eating meat. All of a sudden you find yourself not having to research all restaurant menus and diligently check ingredients of everything you buy.  Overnight your life has become very different. Here’s 13 things that happen when you stop being a vegetarian.

1. Feeling guilty

After you abandon your vegetarian ways you feel guilty from time to time.

This is most likely to occur when you see some cute animals (usually chicks), or when other vegetarians highlight the whole animal killing thing to you.

2. But then you remember the food

All that guilt is washed away once you catch a whiff of a fresh batch of buffalo wings, and you realise that you can actually eat them as opposed to staring at them longingly.

If buffalo wings don’t wash away the guilt, then tucking into a bacon sandwich with a dash of brown sauce will.

3. Eating out part one

You used to thoroughly research all items on the menu before deciding where to eat, but now you’re positively giddy with your new sense of freedom allowing you to go anywhere your tastebuds fancy.

13 things that happen when you stop being a vegetarian

4. Eating out part two

You no longer need to stick to the usual options of Portobello mushroom, risotto or something beetroot related.

Now, the whole menu has opened up to you and you’re starting to wonder if it’s socially acceptable to order two main courses? Because, you know, options.

5. Sharing platters

Your new found dietary change is welcomed by your amigos and you’re invited to join the group-sharing platter for the actual food.

You no longer have to peck at the salad or the celery sticks on the platter. Hurrah.

13 things that happen when you stop being a vegetarian

6. You reignite your passion with steak

You’d forgotten just how good a big fat steak was and you start treating yourself once a week.

Steak with peppercorn sauce, obvs.

But then you realise it’s a bit expensive and have to control yourself.

7. Nando’s becomes cheekier

It’s not like you didn’t enjoy the veggie options at Nando’s, you really did.

But there is a level of cheekiness that can only be obtained when tucking into some delicious Peri-Peri chicken. Yummy.

8. Healthy eating = LOL

You promised yourself that once you abandoned your veggie ways that you would eat a lot of oily fish and grilled chicken.

Basically, healthy stuff.

Two weeks later and the closest thing to healthy is the salad on your beef burger.

13 things that happen when you stop being a vegetarian

9. Weight gain

Sadly your newfound commitment to fried chicken, kebabs and beef burgers has resulted in you rounding out a little more.

Apparently all of the above has more calories than vegetables and tofu *sad face*

10. Drunk food becomes even better

Be gone cheesy chips with garlic mayonnaise, and hello kebabs and hot dogs.

Also, hello to a higher risk of food poisoning the next day. Totes worth it.

13 things that happen when you stop being a vegetarian
Mandatory drunk food (Picture: File)

11. You save money

You used to love stocking up on vegetables and soya, but you were always painfully aware of just how expensive it was.

Now you’re less restricted and can save up those pennies… to spend on kebabs and KFC.

12. You miss the special treatment 

You were always interrogated about your vegetarian lifestyle, and it give you a bit of an edge.

But now you realise that you just blend in with everyone else.

Plus, you also don’t get your special vegetarian meal on an airplane anymore which is a bit sad.

13. You won’t go back

Once you’ve had a serving of buffalo wings, a cheeky Nandos or popped down to that local Brazilian steakhouse you know for a fact you won’t be going back to the vegetarian lifestyle.

Well, not any time soon.


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