9 vegan food hacks you have to try

Going vegan can take some foods and ingredients off the table, including butter and eggs, staples of many a breakfast, lunch and dinner, and really pretty delicious, too. If you’re in need of some vegan food hacks to replace recipe ingredients, or you’re just curious, here are a few of our favourites. If you’re sick of the taste of soya substitutes then these tips are for you. Here are nine vegan food hacks you have to try:

1. Frozen bananas = ice cream

Picture: Mandy Mazliah

Blend frozen bananas and you have delicious and healthy vegan ice cream. Add cacao powder as in this recipe and you have chocolate “nice cream”.

2. Don’t waste money on expensive egg replacer.

Picture: Mandy Mazliah

Tonnes of things can be used in place of eggs – apple sauce, mashed banana, flax or chia seeds, and my personal favourite – aquafaba – or bean juice! You’ll never throw away your chickpea water again. Try this chocolate lavender cake by Pure Ella.

3. You can make loads of stuff with silken tofu

Picture: Mandy Mazliah

Even if you’re not the hugest fan of tofu, its runny family member, silken tofu, is really useful. You can use it to make all kinds of things, such as smoothies, mayo, dips and even cornbread.

Try this recipe next time you fancy cornbread alongside your chilli or why not make vegan mayonnaise.

4.  Coconut cream

Picture: Mandy Mazliah

Stick a can of coconut milk in the fridge overnight to harden then whip it the next day until you have a delicious, vegan coconut cream to serve with your desserts.

5. Check the packet

Picture: Mandy Mazliah

Loads of products are vegan that you wouldn’t expect. Think ready made pastry will be full of butter? Think again – it’s almost always vegan so is perfect for your kitchen. See more accidentally vegan products.

6. Chickpea flour makes perfect eggless pancakes

Picture: Mandy Mazliah

Gram flour – or chickpea flour – is the most underrated product in the vegan food world in my opinion.

It makes amazing savoury pancakes with just the addition of water and can also be used to make pakoras, bhajis etc. Try this recipe for farinata – chickpea flour crepes.

7.  Make caramel with dates

Picture: Mandy Mazliah

Caramel is essentially just sugar and water but many recipes use double cream to make it into a sauce. You can make a gorgeous healthy caramel with dates as in this recipe for vegan salted caramel brownies.

8. Avocado and chocolate are a match made in heaven

World Vegan Day: 9 vegan food hacks you have to try
Picture: Mandy Mazliah

Believe it or not, avocado goes perfectly with chocolate. You can use it in cakes and even in chocolate mousse!

9. How to get that cheesy flavour

Picture: Mandy Mazliah

It may look like sawdust but nutritional yeast is the holy grail for vegans who are craving that cheesy taste.

Add a spoonful of nutritional yeast to a sauce and you’ll be craving cheese no longer. It’s also full of all kinds of vitamins and things, so is super good for you.

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