Vegans are like a ‘sect’ and should all be killed, top chef says

A top Italian chef has brought down the wrath of vegans after he said they were a ‘sect’ and said he would like to ‘kill them all’. Gianfranco Vissani – a hugely popular TV chef – told the On Air prime time chat show, ‘Vegans are like members of a sect, they’re like Jehovah’s Witnesses. It’s true, and I mean vegans, not vegetarians. What would I do with the vegans? I would kill them all.

Naturally, his comments haven’t gone down too well on social media.

The Garden… Emotion!!

Фото опубликовано Gianfranco Vissani (@gianfranco_vissani)

Many vegans responded angrily to Vissani’s attack on their diet, saying he was ‘living proof that eating meat is bad for you’.


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