The 10 best cities in the world for vegetarians

Now you can choose your next travel destination based on how easy it is to get delicious vegetarian food.
If you love to travel and you follow a plant-based diet, then you’re going to love the following infographic. Learn which cities in the world are most friendly toward vegetarians, and you’ll be able to choose your next travel destination without worrying about how or where you’ll get your next meal.

This infographic was made using hundreds of customer reviews in over 250 cities worldwide to determine ‘veggie friendliness’ — the number of vegetarian establishments per capita, their average rating, and the percentage of top-tier restaurants (4-5 stars). It includes specific recommendations for restaurants and dishes. While some major cities, like London and New York, don’t come as a surprise, some are less expected, such as Chiang Mai, Prague, and Berlin.

Do you have any recommendations of your own to make?

travelling vegetarian infographic© Travel Supermarket


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