Vegetarians rejoice, McDonald’s just launched a proper veggie burger in Singapore

McDonald’s just got a lot more vegetarian friendly in Singapore, with the release of a new meatless burger here.
The new burger is a permanent item on its menu, and was announced on Tuesday. It has a deep-fried patty made from green peas, carrots, green beans, red bell peppers and potatoes.

The “Veggie Crunch Burger” represents a proper offering for vegetarians. For now, most of McDonald’s menu is pitifully thin on vegetarian-friendly items.

In the U.S., McDonald’s website states plainly that it does not offer veggie burgers:

Vegetarian diners in the U.K. have to subsist mostly on breakfast items to get by:

In Singapore, prior to the new veggie burger’s release, the restaurant’s website suggested that vegetarians eat french fries and hashbrowns, or ask for a custom order on a burger without the patty — the main component of the burger:

But while it’s meatless, it isn’t vegan. The patty is topped with McChicken sauce, which contains eggs, and its sweet chilli sauce is made with garlic, so you’ll need to request for it without sauces if those ingredients fall outside your dietary allowances.

This isn’t the first time McDonald’s has released a veggie burger in Singapore, although it’s its first permanent menu item. Back in 2013, it ran a test burger for a limited time called the McAloo Tikki, a S$2 ($1.47) burger with a potato patty.

The McAloo Tikki was already launched successfully the year before in India, where McDonald’s had launched an entirely vegetarian-only restaurant. McDonald’s said at the time it was responding to local demand for veggie options from a large vegetarian base there.

The outlet, opened near the Golden Temple in Amritsar, was also catering to devotees who go entirely meat-free while worshipping there.

Two years later, McDonald’s had a reported 320 million customers per year in India, thanks to its efforts to localise its menu.


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